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The ELT Council is established:
1. To stimulate, promote and safeguard the ELT profession and encourage  the proficient use of the English Language  on a national basis;
2. To  upgrade  standards  in  ELT teachers’ qualifications and raise  ELT to the level of a regulated profession;
3. To maintain and operate quality assurance systems in all aspects of English Language stays that provide for periodic rigorous audits to assure compliance with established  quality standards;
4. To foster  Malta’s reputation  as an international learning centre of repute in all aspects of ELT stays;
5. To create a framework of ELT qualifications based on learning outcomes and referenced to the Malta Qualifications Framework  in line with  International and European Qualifications Networks;
6. To establish and maintain statutory links between ELT and the tourism industry and between ELT and other public and private institutions to constitute an improved platform for further sustainable growth and to strengthen the all ready existing rapport;
7. To ensure professional management, administrative and physical resources for the growing remit of the ELT Council by allocating to it suitably qualified and skilled human resources and commensurate premises that continually upgrade the profile of the Council in line with its increasing importance on the national economic level.​