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The ELT Council has revamped its teaching methodology syllabus and introduced TEFL Cert. The TEFL Cert. Policy was launched as from January 2013. The National Commission for Further and Higher Education(NCFHE) deems this General Education Award to be at Level 4(5credits) of the Malta Qualifications Framework and of the European Qualifications Framework for Lifelong Learning.
The TEFL Certificate course is administered by accredited course centres and regulated by the ELT Council. Accredited Course Centres are responsible for the provision of courses that are approved and monitored by the ELT Council.
All teachers in ELT schools in Malta and Gozo are required to attend and pass an approved TEFL Certificate course, i.e., the TEFL Certificate or the Cambridge ESOL CELTA or the Trinity Cert. TESOL, irrespective of whether, for example, they intend to work for an employer or be self-employed, or whether they intend to work face-to-face or online, in an EFL School or from a private home, and whether they intend to teach General English or English for Special Purposes (including, for example, English for Professionals, English for Business, English for Legal Purposes, English for Academic Purposes, etc).
Any teacher applying for an ELT permit for the first time on the basis of having completed and passed an approved TEFL Certificate course more than thirty-six months previous to the date of application will need to show evidence of relevant CPD (see 2.2. above). If they are unable to provide such documented evidence, they will be required to renew their knowledge and skills by again attending and passing an approved TEFL Certificate course.